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A booking form should be completed and returned to us. We will require a deposit payment upon booking and balance due in all cases, and without exception, before vehicles are shipped or before Bills of Lading are released. We are unable to offer Cash On Delivery shipments.

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1. I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct.
2. I understand that any goods loaded into the vehicle are loaded at my own risk and accept that no liability attaches to you or other parties involved in this shipment.
3. I understand that my vehicle will be weighed and measured upon arrival at the port of departure and charges calculated on this basis.
4. I have been advised that vehicles are placed on board Vessels on a space available basis and depending upon the volume of the cargo received at the Port of Departure there may be a delay before my vehicle arrives at the Port of Discharge or Destination.
All business is transacted in accordance with the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association (BIFA 2005A Conditions) Copies are available on request. Your attention is drawn to the limitations of liability contained therein. Copyright Reserved: Zambezi Freight Services Ltd 2012



From Sheerness to Southern Africa

Splendid Ace

Voyage: SLA098A
Receiving dates:Now to 06.01.2016 1700hrs very latest
E.T.S. Sheerness:08.01.2016
E.T.A. Walvis Bay:25.01.2016
E.T.A. Durban : 30.01.2016
E.T.A Maputo : 01.02.2016

Glovis Crown
Voyage: GOC007
Receiving dates: :Saturday 09.01.2016 to 21.01.2016 1200hrs midday latest
E.T.S. Sheerness: 24.01.2016
E.T.A. Tema: 11.02.2016 E.T.A. Walvis Bay:15.02.2016 E.T.A. Durban: 20.02.2016

From Tilbury to West Africa
Gr. Dakar27A
Voyage: GDK0116
Receiving dates: : 08.01.2016 to 12.01.2016 1700hrs very latest
E.T.S Tilbury: 13.01.2016
E.T.A. Cotonou: 30.01.2016
E.T.A. Lagos 31.01.2016
E.T.A Tema 03.02.2016
E.T.A Douala 11.02.2016

From Immingham Southern Africa

Bright Sky
Voyage: 6204
Receiving dates: 11.01.2016 to 13.01.2016
E.T.S Immingham: 15.01.2016
E.T.A. Walvis Bay: 09.02.2016
E.T.A. Cape Town 31.01.2016
E.T.A Durban 17.02.2016
E.T.A Maputo 150.02.2016

East Africa

Asian Trust
Voyage v. AZT132
Open for deliveries: Tilbury NOW
Open for deliveries: 25th Jan 2016
Vessel close: 21:00 28th January 2016
Vessel close: 10:00 1st February 2016

Ets: 1st February 2016 (Tilbury)
Ets: 2nd February 2016 (Immingham)
Eta: Dar Es Salaam: 28/02/2016
Eta: Mombasa: 01/03/2016

All the above dates / vessels are subject to change without prior notice.

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